A five-week Jewish experience that enables you to taste Jewish living. The focus is on study. World renowned scholars will help you open the classic texts that have nurtured our people for centuries, learning how to apply their insights to your lives. Set in the pastoral beauty of New York's Catskill Mountains, a growth oriented environment is created by a vibrant group of thinking students who, like you, seek to broaden their spiritual horizons, explore their Jewish roots, and enjoy doing so.

Earn While You Learn

Tuition is free and there is no charge for room and board. Qualifying students can receive a stipend of up to $2000.

Summer 2013 Schedule

Men’s program will run from June 12 - July 22.
Women’s program will run from June 17 - July 22.

All academic sessions are held at our two Shaloh
Centers in Upstate New York.

Lindsay Hoffmann
University of Tampa

Ivy League Torah Study Program was and is such a blessing to me. I learned basic to fairly complex lessons in Chumash...
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